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As your counselor, professional life coach or mentor I am committed to working with you individually, your kids, or your entire family. I specialize in working with girls and women both young and mature. Whether you are having a difficult time managing life's challenges or if your child just needs someone to talk to, I am here to help. When I commit to working with you, I will go above and beyond what traditional counselors, life coaches and mentors can even consider. Your success is my top priority!

Life coaching and mentoring sessions are not the same thing as therapy or counseling in that you will never be diagnosed with a mental health disorder and your private conversations with me will not be documented and accessible to insurance companies. When we meet for our life coaching or mentoring sessions you will feel at ease knowing that our private conversations are truly confidential unlike in therapy were I am mandated to document our sessions which are accessible to insurance companies and can be subpoenaed in court. Unfortunately, coaching and mentoring sessions are not covered through your insurance plan. Most clients who choose this service meet with me once every two to three weeks and in between sessions we are able to communicate via telephone or text. 

You may be wondering what you will experience when you come to my office. To answer that question, my office environment is calming and relaxed, and my style of communication is supportive and empowering. We will laugh, share stories, and I even provide some healthy and unhealthy snacks to keep us company. Our first session will consist of an intake where we will discuss your current concerns, strengths, challenges, and goals to get you moving in the right direction. Whether it's counseling or life coaching, your sessions are self-paced and will occur at your convenience and according to your budget. My ultimate goal is to help you develop into the best version of yourself.


When mentoring children and teens my approach is friendly, engaging, fun, but also goal oriented. As a professional counselor and life coach with over 15 years of experience working with young people, I am equipped to help your child or teen with peer relational issues, self-esteem and confidence issues, behavioral issues, dieting and health challenges, boyfriend/girlfriend situations, feelings of sadness or hopelessness and family relationship concerns. If you're having a difficult time connecting with your child, give me a call and let me help. My parenting advice and conflict resolution skills may be exactly what you need to get your child or family back on track.


Your life is not a dress rehearsal so make the best of it! Give me a call and

take one step closer toward a happier and more fruitful life!

Father and Son
Mother and Daughter
Smiling Mature Woman
 Child & Family 

Communication, Compassion & Compromise

are all essential features necessary to manage conflict. I believe in the effectiveness of the 3Cs, and its power in developing healthy relationships with your kids and loved ones.


Parenting can be joyous, but it can also be extremely stressful and frustrating. Coaching session will teach parents and children how to utilize the 3Cs in order to obtain the relationship they desire and minimize conflict in the home.

I work with a variety of issues, such as behavior problems at home and school, respecting authority figures, following directions, anger management, and a variety of other problems. I have found communication to be much more effective than spanking, yelling and cursing. So let's sit down and explore other options.

   Promoting Girl Power

I spend a great deal of time empowering girls and women to believe in themselves and make active steps toward achieving their goals. Most people fail to realize that it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals in life if you do not believe in yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself.


During our sessions, this concept will be constantly reinforced. How can we expect our girls to succeed in this hateful world, if we fail to teach them the importance of self-love and self-respect. BUT first, we must grasp that same concept ourselves? We are role models and teachers whether we want the job or not. Our babies are watching, so what does your walk look like?


   Teen Related Issues

The life of a teenager is not easy. They often feel misunderstood and on top of that they encounter various stresses at school, issues with friends, peer pressure, dating, rejection, hormones, and parental conflicts, to simply name a few.

As a professional counselor or mentor my role is to be a confidant, a friend, a big sister, and a role model. I can intervene and rationalize with your child during difficult times. I give really good, practical, non-judgmental advice. I pull from my own childhood experiences and I blend in some psychology here and there to help kids learn how to cope with life better.


As a parent you will never be out of the loop! Quiet as it's kept, your teens would love to share their life challenges with you, but only if they can trust you to be compassionate and understanding. Allow me to help you and your child get through the teen years.

Self-Esteem & Depression

Have you ever considered the link between self-esteem and depression. I have found that the best way to combat depression is to enhance your self-esteem. When we value ourselves at higher levels, we tend to make healthier decisions, and experience happier moments in life.

During our sessions, you will be challenged to think out of the box and discover your inner strengths. We will focus on the total person (i.e. the mind, body and spirit). You are not in this alone, together we will develop short-term and long-term goals that excite you, are achievable, and allows you to take steps that elicit a happier life.  

   Love & Relationships

I pride myself in my non-traditional beliefs regarding love and relationships. In summary, I believe in trusting God to find your soul mate, abstinence during the dating phase, honesty, monogamy, trust, and of course the 3Cs. I believe that you should actually like the person that you decide to date or marry. With that being said, we are human and we don't always make the best choices. During our sessions, (using a non-judgmental approach) I will help you figure out what is best for you and how to resolve issues in your relationship. 

We have been greatly mislead and uneducated when it comes to love and relationships. We rush into relationships with people that we barely know, we have sex with people that we may love, but barely like, and then we Blame God when it doesn't work out.

Let's meet and chat about it. Maybe you would consider trying something different in order to achieve different results.

    Career Counseling

It is extremely difficult  to wake up every morning and report to a job that is not connected to your passion and purpose in life. If you've been feeling anxious and depressed about your job this service is for you. 

Our sessions will help you think out of the box and discover your inner strengths. We will focus on areas of interest, personal fulfillment, personality traits and strengths and barriers, to simply name a few. What are your God given talents, gifts and passions? Success will come when you absolutely love what you do.

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