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Lips to lashes was created to provide a unique service to women who enjoy the art of beauty and a little girl talk from time to time. This is what happens when psychology meets the beauty industry. How many times have you scheduled your beauty appointment looking forward to both the service and the conversation? As a certified lash technician and a licensed counselor you will receive the best of both worlds, quality lash services with some very wise girl talk.


In 1993 I had to make a choice between my two God given gifts, cosmetology and psychology. I don’t regret my decision to pursue psychology, but I have to admit that I’ve always felt a void. Today, I choose both! Check out my work and schedule your first appointment. I promise that you will leave the Zen Spot looking and feeling like you’re ready to take on the world!

Extreme Mink Lash Extensions

One mink lash is applied to each natural lash to create the fullest look possible.

3 week retention

2 hour Full Set $200 / 1 hour Fill In $90 

Classic Mink Lash Extensions

One mink lash is applied to every second or third natural lash. Budget friendly option. 

3 week retention

1 hour Full Set $135/ 30 min Fill In $65 

Long Lashes

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Closed Eye
Beautiful Model with Bright Makeup
Model with dewy makeup
Model in Headscarf

“your soft lips, your beautiful eyes, your gentle soul”


My Retention is Phenomenal

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